Why Site Safe

Protecting temporary construction sites has always been difficult. Reliability and ease of use have, until now, been major issues. Complete Security Solutions have taken on the challenge of creating a portable Security Solution.

Through extensive testing we have developed a flexible solution that can be deployed to your sites in a matter of hours – SiteSafe

SiteSafe can be used to protect building sites, road side construction compounds, remote infrastructure, mining sites or even events such as concerts and sporting or other type of recreational events.

SiteSafe security systems are available for lease or purchase. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

The Features

SiteSafe is able to offer multiple layers of security customizing a solution to meet specific needs that arise from site to site.SiteSafe Features include:

  • High resolution Mega-Pixel CCTV, Infra Red Illumination for crystal clear images in total darkness.
  • Protecting the compound and machinery.
  • Access control on containers and site sheds.
  • Motion detectors for offices and site sheds.
  • Multiple detection and notification technologies allow for accurate alarm detection reporting to multiple destinations, informing our security control room and the end user simultaneously.

The Benefits

The first major benefit is the access control component, unlike other solutions available we offer the ability to restrict access to all of your on site structures, replacing expensive key systems & creating accurate audit trails.

  • 24Hr Video Surveillance
  • 24Hr Alarm Monitoring
  • High Resolution Still image snapshots for alarm events
  • Intruder detection through the entire site

The system can operate for days without mains power or any human interaction. Massive cost saving in comparison to having a static guard on site and random guard patrols which rely on an aware guard actually paying attention when they “whiz” past. Our solution offers constant security for your site and equipment, cutting out the risk of someone waiting for the patrol to pass before attempting to vandalize equipment or attempting to break into storage containers.




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